The Royal Pavilions

An Exclusive Experience
One Day ticket to the LOJ PreShow
One Day Labyrinth Masquerade Admission
Exclusive Seat in the Pavilions on the King's Levels of the Royal Theatre
The Royal Buffet on the King’s Level
Exclusive Pavilion Lanyard
And a few special exclusives
Single Night Pavilion Ticket

A single Pavilion Ticket: Friday: $185.00
Saturday: SOLD OUT

The King's Pavilion Package
Kings Pavilion

The King’s Weekend Pavilion $320.00
The King’s Pavilion Package includes everything from the Pavilion Experience for BOTH nights.


Royal Evening Tea

In the Clockwork Ballroom
Reserve your seats now

In the Tea Promenade, our our lovely tea girls will be doting upon patrons throughout the night. Seats and times for tea service are limited so this experience will require reservations; there is no guaranteed open seating the nights of the event. Single seats and tables are available..

The elaborate weekend of enchantment

July 4th2014 single ticket : $49.00
July 5th2014 single ticket : SOLD OUT!  

The Weekend Passport and Royal Coin
July 4thJuly 5th$101.00
Both Nights of Festivities and Magic within the Royal Court. A passport to both nights in the Masquerade, a new, elaborate invite you to the Royal Court and the 2013 Limited Edition coin along with bonus artwork from the Labyrinth Masquerade.


Enhance your experience


July 4th2014 single pre-show ticket : $35.00


July 5th2014 single  pre-show ticket : $35.00
The Labyrinth Pre-Show is a limited add-on of entertainment, art, story, food and lounging before the Masquerade. Meet the artists and creators of the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball alongside the characters and creatures within the Realm and start your evening in style.