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The LOJ Fantasy Masquerade Ball is a weekend of costumes and magic in Los Angeles. Inspiration and creativity meld under mask and cloak where nobles dance in the Faerie Court and legends take precious breath. Here is where our dreams are born. . .

The Labyrinth.


Costumes fitting our theme -OR- formal attire with a mask are Required. Imaginative costumes highly recommended. 

Presented by Sypher - YEAR | Eighteen
A night of fantasy in the dreaming realms of Faerie and
beyond the realms of the Goblin King.



Artwork Credit:
Sypher Logo, Design and Titles ©1993-2015 Sypher Art Studios
©1997-2015 Labyrinth Masquerade - Sypher Art Studios 
Above Artwork by Jake Probelski 

"We set our hearts upon these realms, to build a night of beauty and grace while Dragon's rage and elves take up their arms. Gather the Court, for even horn'd Oberon will dance as Titania's glamours will grant light to revel in these shimmering dreams. . . Under mask and cloak we celebrate this Royal Court. Sanctuary abounds within the faerie ball where these realms combine into surrealistic waltzes." 
Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball -
The Labyrinth of Jareth XVIII

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An amazing weekend of enchantment

At the historic Park Plaza
607 S. Park View Street, Los Angeles, CA

The Labyrinth Masquerade Ball is heating up this Summer with two days of acts, entertainment and amazing costumers all within the Royal Court.

Masquerade 2014
Masquerade 2014
Masquerade 2014 Venetian
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Labyrinth Masquerade