To celebrate our Eighteen year within the Royal Court we are offering a new experience. A very limited choice of exclusive pavilion ticket packages.

Deep in the chambers of the Labyrinth Masquerade, we are preparing some of our most intensive stage productions yet. Four different realms have gathered together in a strange alliance within the the Labyrinthian Court and this year, each tribe has raised their banner and created a unique Pavilion Experience! There are only four Pavilions, they are on the coveted King's Level that flanks Sypher's Royal Stage and general floor in the Terrace Ballroom. You are given exclusive access to the Pavilion section of the King's Level, which is one of the best views in the room. You shall also have a reserved seat in one of the Four Pavilions. You will be given exclusive access to parts of the story, served some delightful treats from your realm and a special service during the night direct from Sypher's Royal Culinary Crew.

Each Pavilion hoists the banner of their Realm and frequented by ambassadors and characters throughout the night. You'll gain special insight into the acts performing on stage and an advanced schedule so you'll know when to take your seat early to avoid the rush.

Those who purchase their Pavilion Package early may choose which HOST realm they wish, (so long as there are seats available in that realm.

Who shall you choose?

The Noble Court of Sypher : The Regal Guardians of the Realm.

The Clockwork Goblins : These chaotic characters know how to have a good time.

The Elves of An' Havia : Beautiful, Serene and Noble Elves from the Forest of Laimond.

The Elementals : This new group of powerful entities offer a surreal addition to Sypher's Alliance.


The Royal Pavilions

An Exclusive Experience
One Day ticket to the LOJ PreShow
One Day Labyrinth Masquerade Admission
Exclusive Seat in the Pavilions on the King's Levels of the Royal Theatre
The Royal Buffet on the King’s Level
Exclusive Pavilion Lanyard
And a few special exclusives
Single Night Pavilion Ticket

Friday single Pavilion Ticket: $185.00

The King's Pavilion Package

The King’s Weekend Pavilion 
The King’s Pavilion Package includes everything from the Pavilion Experience for BOTH nights.