This year at Labyrinth of Jareth XVIII, Clockwork Couture (alongside many of our Goblins) presents the Royal Evening Tea Service in the Clockwork Ballroom. This is a chance for our noble patrons to sit down and unwind their gears and enjoy a delicate menu offered by the Royal Kitchens.

In the Tea Promenade, our lovely serving help or our well-meaning goblins will be doting upon patrons throughout the night. Seats and times for tea service are limited so this experience will require reservations; there is no guaranteed open seating the nights of the event. Single seats and tables are available.

Reserving a spot by buying a seat or or a table only guarantees you a space. Once at the venue you must reserve a time by visiting the Tea Promenade in the Clockwork Ballroom.

And while you're in the Tea Promenade, check out Brian Kesinger displaying his amazing steampunk series of artwork, "Tea Girls". He will be creating sketches live in the Promenade.


For those nobles wishing to escape the chaos of the goblins and lively dances of the Faeries, our Nobles have asked for places to waltz. While the energy is high throughout the venue and the world is quite elaborate, in the Clockwork Ballroom we set a new pace within the masquerade. Adding more space for patrons, new live acts include members of The Picadillys and Les Plaisirs Champetre; the Aetherlight Orchestra, Heart of Gold, Iqaat and a very special performance from the world famous Baritone Stephen Swanson



Reserve your night:


The Tearooom menu:

Biscuit's Biscuits:
  • Spiced Cranberry Walnut Scone
  • Cinnamon Almond Scone
  • Blueberry Orange Scone
  • Lemon Ginger Scone
  • Raspberry White Chocolate Scone

Steam Punk Tea Sandwiches:
  • Victorian Cucumber; Sourdough bread, with lemon and chive cream cheese
  • Mostly Caprese; Ciabatta rolls, with tomato, mozzarella, and garlicy pesto
  • Sypher's Ham and Apricot; Squaw bread, with ham, and a apricot marmalade, grown in Lord Sypher's personal garden.
  • Fig and Brie on Croissant 
  • BLT on Baguette
  • Opera Cakes; White and Yellow Cake with Berries and Buttercream, Red, and Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Ganache
  • Cookies: Sypher Shortbread, and An'Havia Gingerbread
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Fine Custom Teas:
  • Prince Sypher's Grey; Zesty and Vibrant w/strong black teas, and smokey Lapsang
  • An'havia Hibiscus Blend; Earthy and Rich w/ceylon, and forest berries
  • Mistress Minerva's Breakfast; Bright and Malty w/assam, and ceylon
  • Sprocket Goblin Cherry; Playful and Sweet w/oolong and dewy cherries
  • Viscount's Strawberries and Cream; Whimsical and Smooth w/ceylon and oolong
  • Visidi's Night Chai; Spicy and Mysterious w/black and green chai
  • Lord Chamberlain's Tisane; Soothing and Fragrant w/osmanthus, rooibos, and chamomile